The Top SAT and ACT Prep Classes

This is it!  The most important time in most high school kids lives is Here.  I’m sure just thinking about the SAT or ACT brings a cold sweat that shivers down your body from head to toe.  Knowing soon, very soon that you will have to take one of these tests that will make or break your future.  Choosing the right Prep Course from the plethora of options is downright daunting.  By being prepared you can rid yourself of those fears.  How?  By picking the best Prep Course for you.

We have broken down a list of the top SAT and ACT Prep options based on quality, price and fit.

 Course Name PriceCoupons/Promo
Prep Expert$799SharkTank
Magoosh6mo./$99.007-day FREE trial for the Redesigned SAT study prep at No commitment!
WyzantPrice VariesRedeem your coupon for $20 in free tutoring!

Breakdown of the Prep Courses

Best OverallPrep ExpertHands down most complete online Course
Best PriceMagooshAn unbeatable price with results that are great. Score Guarantee too!
Best Point GuaranteePrep ExpertMoney back offer if score doesn't improve by over 200 points
Best Individualized
SAT TutorsCan be most expensive option but if you want personal attention is BEST!

The Best Overall SAT/ACT Course with Score Guarantee: Prep Expert


Why did we choose Prep Expert as our #1 SAT/ACT Prep Course?  What you get is an array of resources that are top notch in the online test prep industry.  You are given access to proprietary books, tactics, live online classes, recorded classes and much more.  This is the only Prep Course that is endorsed by a Shark Tank investor, Mark Cuban.

Highest Score Guarantee in Industry

This company backs up their course with the highest guarantee in the Test Prep Business.  If you are taking the SAT the Guarantee is 200 points!  If you are taking the ACT the Guarantee is 4 points!

If you are serious about having your child get the best score to maximize their college opportunities, Prep Expert is hands down the best option because of the following:

1.Industry leading instruction and resources

2.Major Endorsement from one of the leading minds in the tech industry, billionaire Mark Cuban

3.Highest Score Guarantee in the Test Preparation Business.

Enter the Coupon Code at Checkout SHARKTANK

The Best Price Online SAT/ACT Prep Course: Magoosh

Magoosh SAT

There might be a cheaper priced Prep Course out there but I haven’t found one yet. You won’t find a better priced option that offers such a complete online course that delves into the tests in such detail.  You are given awesome tools that have been carefully tested by expert instructors and students.  If your budget is tight but you still want a premium course is a great option to choose.  There is a limited time offer.  Sign up for Magoosh ACT and get one week FREE!

Here is a quick look at their dashboard

Best Individualized Instruction: Wyzant

Not everyone is made for traditional online classes.  Some might need more attention.  Your child might learn faster or slower.  Whatever the reason may be, tutoring might be the best option when considering the right learning environment for your child.  The reason Wyzant is a great alternative is because of the flexibility of choosing the tutor.  When you log into their site you search by subject and are given pages and pages of qualified tutors.  You can even drill down to tutors in your own area and meet them in person.  I know many parents and students would love the option of having face to face interaction with their selected tutor.

The Rating System

What makes Amazon such a great site for consumers?  Their rating stars and real customer reviews are an amazing tool that gives prospective customers great insight into an item before buying.  Wyzant has the same process.  Before you even select a tutor you can see actual student and parent reviews for each tutor.  This is good and bad.  It’s good because you are given real reviews that will aid you in the selection process.   It might be bad  because the better the reviews, the higher the rates for the tutor.    However, that is really good because you KNOW that the tutor is a Great Tutor!  Here is a snapshot of some REAL Tutors on Wyzant right now.

If you have the resources to hire a private SAT or ACT tutor then this might be the best option for your family.  Check out Wyzant and try it out.